My passion for homes started when I was a little girl running in and out of county offices getting permits & going to job sites with my dad who is a custom home builder on the Peninsula since 1982. I knew I always wanted to make a difference in the home industry I just didn't know it would be becoming a realtor until 2005 when I  bought my first home. I had a terrible experience with my real estate agent &lender who weren't doing business ethically. I knew then hat I needed to become a realtor and change peoples minds about an industry that is thought of as worse than a used car salesman. With great service & professionalism, I am changing my client's mind one at a time about realtors. My entire career is based on referrals from my past clients. I have been blessed to consistently rank within the top 8% of Realtors for the last 8 years. More importantly, I have been awarded the prestigious Five Star Professionalism Award () for the past 5 years that is only awarded to the top 4% of local realtors based on client recommendation. Outside of real estate, my family is my life. I am married to my wonderful husband of 10 years & and we have been blessed with our 6-year-old son! I am a proud York County native and my time spent on the Chesapeake Bay & and surrounding areas have acclimated me with the ins and outs of the area and what it has to offer!

My Passions

"Hope for the Homeless"
Twice a year salvation bags of basic goods are put together and personally handed out to individuals in need, lacking simple everyday items, by my team and I.

"Open Hearts and Homes for Children"
A non-profit, Christian organization my family and I are a part of, consisting of volunteers who have been touched by the plight of orphan children in Eastern Europe. OHHC provides orphan children with the opportunity to experience life outside of the institutional setting and develop long-term, loving relationships with host families in America. 

New Covenant Church
Youth & Preschool Ministry

Gloucester Montessori School
Preparation for lifelong learning / Non-Profit Education Institution
Member of the Volunteer Committee
Assist and coordinate school events and fundraisers. 
Chaperone, taxi, and assistant during educational field trips.

 CORE Company Values
Educating Clients on Home Buying & Selling
Ethical - Honest - Real 

Personal Passions
Support Local Establishments and Small Businesses
Love for Boxers, Boating, Traveling, Trying New Things, Volunteering, and Promoting/Using Organic and Natural Products.